What Visa Knows About You Could Help Locate Your Lost/Stolen Card

Undated -- Money is the prize and the game is between you, me and the schemers!

How do we beat the bad guys? First, we need to educate ourselves on how the schemers are tricking us and second, we need help.

First, the education. If you haven't heard it before, check gas pumps and ATM's before you swipe your card. Schemers use skimmers to steal your card information. If anything appears loose or unusual on the swiping machine-- don't use it.

Now to the help. Visa has designed new software to detect if a card is lost, stolen or counterfeit.

The Consumerist looked at the new software called Visa Transaction Advisor. It analyzes 500 pieces of data about the card, from past transaction history to locations used.

That data becomes a risk score between 0 and 100.

If someone is using a high risk card, they have to go inside the store. The idea is a schemer will drive away.

Retail and financial businesses have until 2015 to upgrade their systems to use this Visa software. But gas stations have until 2017 to replace the credit card readers at the pumps.


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