What Will The Answer Be? A Kid Asks Other Kids Why They Bully Others

GREENSBORO, NC -- Every Friday 2WTK has a segment called Kids Want To Know. The kids come up with all kinds of interesting questions from "How many stripes does a tiger have?" to "How does the cheese in my boxed mac and cheese get powdered?"

This week, the question wasn't "concrete". It was emotion. The question is, "Can you tell me why some kids think it's okay to bully other kids?"

We could go to a grown-up expert for the answer. But we chose a kid expert. An 8th grader who was part of a Anti-Bullying panel discussion this week. .

Anna Capra say, "Most kids think it cool but if that were to happen to them they would think the opposite. Some people do it to get attention and it the difference between teasing your friends and bullying because bullying is like consistent and happens every day. I don't think they do it in front of people because they will probably get caught for it so when your switching classes you'll step away with that person and I guess bully them."

"Whoever being bullied isn't going to do anything. Today technology is like out of this world, just crazy so kids have more trendies to say stuff on Facebook or something rather than to their face. If you can't say it to my face then don't say it at all. If somebody says something to you and you know it's not true don't let it get to you, you don't have to say anything just let it go because that just going to add fuel to the fire. At first if you can try and solve it by yourself but if it gets to the point where don't even want to see this person anymore go to it doesn't even have to be a counselor, any adult in this school should be willing to help you."

Anti-Bullying Resources: StopBullying.gov

Every school has a bullying policy and most have some sort of character education dealing with bullies. Check your child's school handbook.


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