What You Don't Know About Three Trendy Diets: Juicing, Paleo & Gluten Free

GREENSBORO, NC -- Your house, your look and your eating habits.They are the top three make-overs. Let's tackle eating habits and the three most popular diet trends right now. Registered Dietician Annette Frain of Wake Forest Baptist Medical talks about Juicing, Paleo and gluten-free.


"Everything looks green and delicious and if you juice anything and restrict calorie intake you would likely get results."

But to get results you're going to be buying and juicing a lot more than you think. "I've juiced for you what is on this platter and the result is about 12 ounces of juice."

And to think the typical juice diet has you making five of these 12 ounce cups a day! That's a lot of work and a lot of fresh veggies to pay for.


There are several ways to follow the Paleo diet. We show a typical Paleo plate with half the plate veggies and the other half lean meat like these tuna steaks. Paleo leaves out legumes, peas and dairy. "The Paleo diet limits food groups so that is one of the concerns as with any diet. The perk emphasized is clean eating and if we can all step out of a box or a package we notice changes in weight."

Gluten Free

If you don't have a gluten allergy and you're buying gluten free items thinking you're making a healthier choice Annette says, "calorie contents are different. Typically a gluten free product has higher calories because more ingredients are needed to replace the wheat product."

Annette adds, "if you are looking to step away from the package you don't have to isolate that to certain food groups or items. Every food fits, it's just quantity and frequency."


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