When Your ONLY Choice Is Regular Gas

Using Regular Gas In A Premium Car

GREENSBORO, NC --  The gas shortage is causing stations to be out of everything or out of certain grades of gas.

A vehicle that takes regular but has to use premium, is no big deal, except for the extra cost. But a vehicle that requires premium gas but has to pumped full of regular could have issues. 

Patrick Dehaan of Gas Buddy says, "Most modern vehicles (2001 and on)  has sensors called NOx sensors that will listen to how the engine is running and if you operate on a lower octane fuel than is recommended, the engines will most times pick that up and it will reduce performance for them in order to protect the engine."  But Dehaan adds you need to help your vehicle out with this low octane. "Don't step on the gas, baby it a bit and don't make this a regular thing after the shortage." 

What everyone wants to know, how long will this shortage, and more importantly, how long will the high gas prices last?

"With the pricing maybe 2-3 weeks until we see prices to where they were before." Gas Buddy is working on an interactive website for drivers. It will allow drivers to report prices they see and inform others of stations that are without gas. They're expecting to have it up by Tuesday. 

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