Why Do Dentists Fill Teeth With Mercury?

GREENSBORO, N.C. - You had plenty of time home with the kids Friday with the storm. So everyone was cooped up together. Those kinds of days are good for random conversations and questions that you may or may not know the answer too like this: Why is mercury used in teeth fillings when it's bad for you?

"Teeth have a nerve inside of them so we always have to consider the heath of the nerve before we do fillings or anything else," Dr. Joye Warr said. "The reason that we still use minimal amounts of mercury in silver filling is because it helps in the mixture of the amalgam."

The American Dental Association certifies the amount of mercury in silver amalgam is safe.

"And if that's something you don't want to even go near, we have composites and composites are resin based restorations which are more plastic but there also tooth color. So many people pick those because there tooth color and because they don't have any mercury," Warr said.


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