Why Your Food Shouldn't Touch! Especially During Prep

GREENSBORO, NC -- We know kitchen rules. For instance, don't use the same cutting board for raw meat and your salad veggies.

But restaurants can get points taken off for cutting different kinds of meats together on the same table. Why?

GTCC's Keith Gardiner says it is for your safety. For instance, a restaurant just recently got in trouble for preparing shrimp and beeftogether.

"Part of the problem is because the internal cooking temperature for beef and shrimp are different. A lot of times with beef, E. coli is a problem if you don't cook it to 155 degrees. It's led to death before. "

If You cook shrimp or fish to 155 degrees, it's coming back because it's going be so dry and tough the customers are going to not want it.

"The other problem is, what if someone eats the beef and they have a shellfish allergy? That might even be bigger than the pathogen itself because that could kill somebody. Put them in anaphylactic shock right away."


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