You Voted! Your Favorite Breakfast Restaurant: Tex & Shirley's

GREENSBORO, NC -- A few weeks ago you voted. for your favorite restaurants: breakfast, dessert, best kept secret, food trucks and date night. We tallied the 504 votes and this week we reveal the winners.

Today's winner is Tex & Shirley's at the Friendly Center in Greensboro. The hometown staple serves up 5,500 pancakes in a week. They use 5,800, that's 484 dozen! And don't forget the 300 pounds of flour. Wow!

2WTK visited Tex & Shirley's on an "All You Can Eat" pancake Wednesday. They have been keeping the sizzle alive since 1972.

And while you think the magic happens on the grill, 2WTK found out the secret is really in the mix. One batch of batter makes 480 pancakes. They're full of buttermilk and...

"Cornmeal," says owner Bart Ortiz. "We add a little bit of cornmeal to the batter each time it makes it savory, not too sweet."

Cornmeal has a natural leavening in it which makes the pancakes rise up and get fluffy and adds texture and flavor. Another revelation, keep the batter lumpy. Too much mixing makes pancakes tough.

Cracking the code of a light and fluffy omelet is not in the cracking. It's not in the pan either.

It's in the blender. Literally.

"The eggs are mixing up, it's incorporating a lot of air. The eggs are going to double in volume and the air makes the omelet light and fluffy."

Another trick of the trade, no spatula. Yes, you flip the eggs. And yes, you need to practice.

As Bart says, "You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs!"

2WTK wouldn't be 2WTK without looking at the restaurant's scores. During its last inspection in July 2013, the restaurant scored a 95.5. Inspectors docked points for not keeping BBQ hot enough and eggs cold enough to keep bacteria from growing.

Tuesday, 2WTK reveals the place voted your FAVORITE DESSERT SPOT!


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