Your Favorite DATE NIGHT Restaurant: Arigato Japanese Steak & Seafood House

GREENSBORO, NC -- 2WTK asked you to vote on your favorite restaurants. On this Friday night, appropriately enough on this Valentine's Day, we reveal the favorite date night restaurant.

There was a 5-way tie: 1618 Seafood, Arigato, Olive Garden, Tavo and Village Tavern.

Arigato Japanese Steak and Seafood House wins. And true to the viewer votes, Arigato is booked for Valentine's Day.

Why such a favorite? Maybe because it's dinner and a show?

"You're sitting at a table and you have someone cooking in front of you, " begins Mack Matsuoka the Arigato General Manager. "You have things to talk about, you have topics that can come up. You have other people sitting with you you can talk to that makes things more fun."

Fun can take the stress off a first date and keep you coming back for more.

When Derecke asked Marion where she wanted to go on date night she quickly said, "Arigato's". The couple was at the restaurant the night 2WTK was there.

That same couple conversation happens a lot apparently. Arigato goes through 2,000 pounds of shrimp a week. and 80,000 pounds of rice.

"It's cooked right in front of you. It's freshly made, it's hot. Instead of cooking just rice we blend our rices. We use a Japanese rice along with a long grain rice it gives it flavor and light texture which is the best parts of both."

Yes, food is at the heart of it all, even the show. (Make sure you don't miss the heart made out of rice and how the chef made the heart beat!)

Valentine's day is the second biggest night for Arigato's. The first is Mother's Day. Their slowest days are Mondays and Tuesdays. And they take reservations a month out.


The chefs train for 4 months to be able to cook in front of you and do the tricks. Yoshi, one of their veteran chefs, tried to teach me some of the shrimp flipping tricks. He has 40,000 tables under his belt... Me, None. He was a good sport.


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