8 People Died During North Carolina's Winter Storm

Raleigh, N.C. – Eight people died during North Carolina's winter storm ,Governor Pat McCrory said in a media conference Friday.

Five more snow-fatalities happened in the last 24 hours. Two include heart attacks while shoveling, 2 killed during a hit-and-run, and one in a car accident.

Wrecks in Wake and Mecklenburg killed three people.

Despite the deaths, McCrory said he's proud of how people North Carolina handled the last three days.

"Our state of emergency response teams were there in force every step of the way," McCrory said.

He said his team pulled every agency they could to help stranded people. They even called in wild life officers. He said he's not aware of anyone who had to sleep in their car overnight.

There are budget issues. The government spent between 36 and 38 million dollars of its 40 million dollar budget. The budget needs to last the state until July.

McCrory also believes this storm will put a dent into the economy. The snow, sleet and freezing rain made roads almost impossible to drive on. As a result, retailers close their doors and thousands of hourly workers lost wages, which McCrory said will cut into sales tax and income tax collections.

"We anticipate a negative impact on revenue coming into the state coffers over the next several months," McCrory said. "That could have a long-term budget impact on North Carolina."

Secretary Tata said 3,100 NCDOT employees were working. The company had 1,500 trucks, 300 graders, 550 contract trucks and graders. NCDOT used 36K tons of salt and 13.6K tons of salt-sand mix Monday night. Crews are working to replenish their supply. NCDOT pre-ordered extra material months ago.

While some motorists who left their cars abandoned are mad about towing charges, Governor McCrory said teams attempted not to tow any vehicles, but if they had to they would.

McCrory wants to take a closer look at the clearance policies across the state. He admits that the state and cities all deal with abandoned cars differently.

He also wants to review the state personnel policy that has been in place for decades.


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