911 Call Released After Garbage Truck Crashes Into Day Care

GREENSBORO, N.C. – The city of Greensboro has released the 911 call made Tuesday right after a city garbage truck crashed into a day care center.

The caller sounds panicked because the truck just slammed into the kitchen area of Childcare Network. A day care employee was in the kitchen when the truck slammed into it. She was pinned during the crash, but was able to get out without a scratch.

This is raw video of the call:

The accident happened around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday in the 1400 block of Friendly Avenue, near Westover Terrace.

Police say the truck - driven by Cleveland Williams - and a Honda Civic - driven by Michael Belcher - collided. After hitting the car, the truck went through the parking lot and into the building.

Williams has been with the city since November 2012. Cleveland Williams says he feels terrible about the crash Tuesday morning. He says it wasn't his fault even though police say they don't know who's at fault. Williams still says he feels bad because he knew there were kids inside. He credits God for keeping everyone safe. He's recovering from scrapes and bruises.

The children and workers were inside when the accident happened. All 145 kids were accounted for and were safe.

Parents couldn't believe it happened. "I just thought oh my God, what has happened!" said one parent. "I mean it's unbelievable."

"Her teacher said they thought it was a thunderstorm because there was a big boom and she got all the kids out, but she's good," said another parent. "She's worried about her mama ... but she's alright."

Restoration crews started picking up bricks and pieces of shrapnel. They've also boarded up where the wall used to be so they can start working inside the condemned building. As for the 145 kids who go there, they were split up between 6 different schools.

Day care officials say they hope to be back open next week. Parents have told them they're grateful for the temporary solution. "They are just so happy that they were able to go to work and able to continue the care and education that we've been providing for this long, even if it's at a different location," said Okeyma Wright, Childcare Network District Manager.

EMS took the Williams and the passenger in the truck to the hospital for minor injuries. Neither the driver nor passenger in the Civic were hurt.

No charges have been filed at this time.


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