NC Baby Born In Truck 3 Minutes From Hospital

A second time mom gave birth to her son in the family's burgundy Chevrolet. The seven pound baby just couldn't wait and was born three minutes away from the hospital.

LEXINGTON, NC – A mother in Lexington gave birth to her son in the family’s burgundy Chevrolet. The seven pound baby just couldn’t wait and was born three minutes away from the hospital.

“This is how we dreamed our whole second childbirth would go,” laughed Austin Cain.

His wife, Jessica, felt contractions throughout the day on August 28but after spending 12 hours in labor for her daughter Allie, she didn’t want to cry wolf and run to the hospital; until, however, she felt one hard contraction.

“It was around 10:30 at night. If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know that one contraction that just takes your breath away,” Jessica explained.

“She woke me up and I called my mom to take our daughter and I helped her into the truck,” said Austin, who immediately sped out of their driveway.

“I turned to him and I said I think we waited too long and when I said that I felt my water break and I felt the baby move and I thought here he comes.”

At that point, Austin sped up a little more.

Austin said he drove as carefully as he could and was prepared to outrun police if flashing lights would have appeared behind him.

"Right around 100 was the speed limit we were going whenever he came out. My main thought was just get them to the hospital so we could let the professionals take over. I know so many things can go wrong, especially with a newborn,” said Austin.

The hospital would have to wait.

Jessica said she didn’t have time to think. "I saw the head and knew he has to come out somehow so I lifted him up and put him on my chest."

Trent and Jessica reached the ER entrance three minutes after he made his entrance into the world.

Both were fine (especially after a few drugs joked Jessica). Austin, meanwhile, had a few nerves to calm.

"I thought he would freak out a lot more than he did. All I heard from him was oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh,” laughed Jessica.

Austin added, "You can't train for it. So, she just did very well. Wouldn't have want it to happen with anyone else."

The couple now have a boy and a girl and said that’s enough for them. Especially since one was born the traditional way and the other was born the fast and furious way.


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