Body Language Specialist Talks About Presidential Candidates

WFMY News 2 -- On Sunday, CBS aired a special edition of 60 Minutes in which Scott Pelley and Steve Croft interviewed President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney asking what they called "critical" campaign questions.

We watched the interview with a body language specialist, Blanca Cobb of Greensboro.She told us what the their body language said to her.

On the President, she said: "He was just much more serious tonight. I'm used to President Obama with smiles and much more energy in his face, and we just didn't have that in the interview this evening."

And on Governor Romney, she said:"I saw alot of polite smiles but particularly toward the end he just came across as more relaxed

"I want to see President Obamarelaxed. I want him to show that likeability that he normally projects.I would love to see Mr. Romney continue as he did this evening in these interviews. He had some good facial expressions, but I also would like to see him use his hands more, to help convey his message."

What she suggest for the candidates, Cobb says can work for all of us.

"You want your body to be open like you have nothing to hide. You want it to be congruent.If you say that you're happy, by golly you better show that you are happy."

She says there are variables that could affect a person's performance, including subject matter and who is asking the questions.

She suggest that if the candidates remain open and match their hand gestures with facial movement it will tell us as voters that they are confident in themselves and their message.


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