Coyotes Spotted In Uptown Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Coyotes are popping up in and around Charlotte. Mecklenburg Natural Resources say they've even been spotted in Uptown and there's a growing number.

"They learn how to live with us and around us," said Mike Nolan, a Charlotte trapper.

Nolan says the public should be mindful, but not fearful of their presence.

"Ninety-nine percent of the time the coyote will run from you. He does not want to interact with you, he does not want to be around you," said Nolan.

Ashley Rosner lives in the Selwyn Farms neighborhood. She says her neighbor's cat was killed by a coyote, but the animal was passive around her.

"It kept an eye on us to make sure we weren't following it but it did not follow us or pass us any mind really," said Rosner.

Rosner keeps her two dogs on a leash and keeps the trash stowed away. She believes continued development drives wildlife into neighborhoods.

"Leaving wildlife like coyotes and owls and other things that we see in the neighborhood without homes," said Rosner.

Nolan says small animals are most susceptible to coyote attack.

"It's just food to a coyote. They're just trying to survive," said Nolan.


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