Dog Rescued After Running Behind CMPD Truck

Dog Rescued After Hurricane Matthew

CHARLOTTE, NC -- If you spend some time around Scott Kish, you’ll quickly realize he loves what he does. The Senior Animal Control Officer has been working for CMPD AC&C for five years.

“It feels good for me, going out there and returning an animal to it’s owner, especially if it has kids and that’s their buddy,” he said.

Kish was part of a Charlotte team sent to assist animals in need in flood-ravaged Edgecomb County. He said they had just finished feeding a group of dogs in Princeville when he noticed something behind him.

“Driving down the road and I looked in the mirror. They started videotaping this dog following us. We went about three to four blocks,” he said.

Kish said they pulled over for the pup they've named "the little brown dog." When Kish got out of the car, the pup got in. 

“I turn around, and that little brown dog is sitting in the passenger seat, where I was,” he said.

They knew the dog wasn't a stray. 

“He was looking for a 'hey, get me home, get me back to my mom and dad.' We all made a decision to bring this dog back in. Instead of putting him into one of the kennels in the back, we put him in the front seat and that’s where he stayed for the rest of the tour,” Kish said.

The little brown dog was taken to Edgecomb County Animal Control where he’s waiting to be picked up.

“It was very hard for me not to take it home,” Kish admitted.

Kish says his job is worth it, just for moments like that. 

“It looked like we were his angels, and it felt really good to grab him off the street because we didn’t know what was going to happen with him," he said.

The little brown dog is not currently up for adoption. Shelter officials are waiting to see if his owner's claim him before he is offered to the public.

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