Easing Back-To-School Stress


Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center wants you take a deep breath and know that there are ways to keep the entire household on an even keel.

Listen: What words are being used when family members talk about school? Do you hear your children using words like "dread," boring," or "worried?"

Focus on the positive: Reassure your children that most students feel uneasy about going back to school. Concentrate on the enjoyable aspects of school such as seeing old friends and making new ones.

Don't wait until a problem arises: Meet your children's teachers as soon as possible to let them know what your children need to perform their best. Make sure that your children also know what they need to do to succeed.

Look outside the classroom: If a child says that he or she is having trouble making friends, check out community- or faith-based activities that may help your youngster meet peers in a structured setting.

Be realistic about the morning routine: Know how long it will take to get everyone up and going in the morning, and then add a few minutes for the inevitable misplaced shoes, missing homework, etc.

Plan ahead for the evenings: In many homes, the early evening is the time when everyone's needs tend to collide: parents need a few minutes of down time, children need attention immediately and everyone wants dinner. It's beneficial to talk things over so everyone's needs are considered.


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