Fake Cop Pulls Over 90-Year-Old Man In Union County

UNION COUNTY, N.C. -- Investigators say a 90-year-old man was pulled over by someone pretending to be a police officer Monday morning in Union County. They're now trying to figure out who is pretending to be one of them.

The sound of a siren coming from a light blue car in the elderly man's rear view mirror prompted him to pull over along Highway 601, thinking a fire truck or ambulance needed to get by, relatives said.

Instead, a man described as wearing a light blue uniform got out of the blue car and questioned the man's driving. In particular, why he twice crossed a white line on the shoulder of the road. That is a common move to give semis and wide loads more space on rural roads.

The man's son says his dad's gut feeling told him something was wrong.

"The guy never asked to see his license," said the son, who doesn't want to be identified.

That was just the beginning.

The man pretending to be an officer and the 90 year old got into an argument, which relatives say included the threat of a ticket.

The man in the blue uniform took off when the elderly man asked for his name and his supervisor's name.

Relatives think the real reason the fake cop stopped the man was to rob him, but the elderly man hid his wallet.

"Since he's 90 years old he'd be an easy mark," his son said.

Relatives say the fake cop followed the man for about three miles before pulling him over near The Country Grill.

"There's a lot of elderly people who live out in this area and I'm concerned about them," said restaurant owner Steve Derrick.

Investigators say the man's uniform had no badge or patches.

"There's no way that could have been a policeman," the son said.

Real officers have identification, understand some people might be skeptical and are willing to pull over in well-lit, populated areas, even have you call 911 to make sure they're legit.

Wednesday, the son is happy the father is okay, wasn't robbed and confided in him about what happened.

"An elderly person doesn't need to subject to that type of abuse," the son said.

The fake cop's car did not have a blue light.

Investigators say they've had just this one report of someone pretending to be a law enforcement officer.


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