First-Time Voters Weigh in on Trump

Undecided Voters Attend Trump Rally

Donald Trump spoke to a packed gymnasium at High Point University on Tuesday. As many as 2,500 people showed up to hear the Presidential candidate speak. Most of them were college students.

Besides Trump supporters, there were also some undecided voters.

That includes Madison, a Junior at High Point University. She said she doesn't like either candidate but she came to hear what Trump had to say. "I just wanted to come for the experience and get more educated on the topic so I'm trying to decide who I want to vote for so think this is a good experience.

Madison came with some friends who support Trump, including Ellen, a Political Science major. "I'm a big supporter of Trump and I want to hear him talk and I think it's like a really good opportunity that the school presented to the students and I wanted to take advantage of that."

Throughout the rally, the group of young women took pictures and listened to what the Presidential candidate was passionate about. We caught up with them after to hear what they thought.

"I thought he was going to say absurd things and rude things and I don't think he did at all,” said Madison. “I thought he was a pretty good speaker, good person."

"He was really good overall,” added Ellen. “I think he talked about a lot of different issues that are in this campaign that people want to hear about so I thought overall it was really good."

So was the rally enough to change Madison's mind? Not quite, at least not yet. "I think that it helped me become more educated and I think I need to hear the other side as well."

Some college-aged Trump supporters told us the candidate appeals to them because of his America-first attitude and his push for immigration reform.

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