Frank Mickens Shares His Thoughts On The Situation In Ferguson Missouri

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The shooting in Ferguson, Missouri is creating a lot of controversy. WFMY News 2's Frank Mickens shared his thoughts and perspective on the situation.

He asks the question "Where are we on race in America?" He goes on to say that if the officer and victim were both black, or if the officer and the shooting victim were both white, would there be protests? Would people be coming from around the world to join the fray that gets frothier by the day? Would 24-hour news coverage be live on the scene capturing the clash and chaos? Mickens said he doesn't think so.

He believes this situation is an example of how we have not truly settled the issues of our differences. He also believes we haven't forgotten the wages of sin from segregation.

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Mickens admits he hurts for both Michael Brown and Officer Darren Wilson's family, but he thinks we need to wait for the facts before taking sides.

"Despite how we feel, what are we telling our kids?" Mickens asked. "Are we telling them "they'll" never change? Or are we teaching them how to think about what they don't know just as much as they think about what they do know?"

"We are all children of God and deserve an ounce of grace here and there." Mickens said. "I think it's time we moves past our black and white memories of Montgomery and open our eyes to a panoramic view of justice, filled with color, not just our own."


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