Future of Racing Rules in Question After Deadly Wreck

NASCAR driver Tony Stewart is still dealing with the fallout from the deadly wreck that killed another driver at a track in New York on Saturday.

Stewart's team announced he would not compete in a sprint race in Indiana this Saturday and Sunday's NASCAR race in Michigan was questionable.

In Greensboro, NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick spoke to the media about the crash before teeing off at the Wyndham in the Kevin Harvick Pro-am.

As you might know, Harvick is a driver for Stewart Haas Racing. Tony Stewart is one of his bosses.

"Right now our thoughts and prayers are with everybody involved with the situation," said Harvick. "I think as you look at everything that happened you just have to think about everybody involved and hope for the best for them."

The wreck occurred Saturday night at a dirt track in New York. Eyewitness video of the race shows Stewart's car push Ward's car into the wall, causing it to wreck. Ward then gets out of the car and storm toward the line of passing cars pointing out Stewart's car as it came around on the next lap. The video shows Stewart's car hit Ward and toss him to the ground.

The autopsy on Ward listed the cause of death as massive blunt trauma.

Why would Ward walk out to a busy part of the track?

It's a question and a deadly result that might change the rules regarding drivers on the track.

Spencer Turkin, a local ESPN Radio Sports Director, says you're not supposed to get out of your car except in an emergency, but there aren't any specific rules against it at this specific track. He says NASCAR has fined drivers for doing what Ward did.

Turkin wonders how this tragedy will play out for Stewart and the future of racing. "Will NASCAR punish Tony Stewart for what he did and will NASCAR start punishing individuals for exiting their vehicle when they're not supposed to be?"

Investigators in New York say there is no evidence to support intent or criminal charges for Stewart but that doesn't mean he's in the clear.

"In a civil lawsuit, that's a lot of assets that someone has the ability to try and go after," said Turkin. "Sponsorship wise, if Tony Stewart can't race, that's going to hurt because what sponsor is going to want to sponsor a car that Tony Stewart is not driving? They're going to pull out."

Did Tony Stewart see Ward walking on the track?

Turkin says there is a blind spot on the right side of sprint cars. It's usually not a problem because drivers only turn left.

Kevin Ward was 20 years and had been driving since he was 16. His funeral will be held Wednesday and Thursday in Boonville New York.


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