Halfway Through High Point Road Crackdown: 200 Citations

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Wednesday marks the halfway point of the Greensboro Police Department's traffic enforcement campaign on High Point Road, and police have issued nearly 200 citations thus far.

Among the top violations for which citations were written are seat belts (72), registration (39), speeding (17) and equipment (17).

Greensboro police officer T.J. Sadler said he is pleased with the campaign's progress so far and said he has noticed people are paying more attention to how safely they are driving.

The eight-week campaign consists of around-the-clock police presence on High Point Road along the two mile stretch between Meadowview Road and Groometown Road.

Sadler explained police have been using a variety of enforcement methods, such as undercover cars, concealed officer motorcycles and check points to crack down on reckless driving. He said one day next week, officers will use a "mock construction zone," in which they will close a lane of traffic during an hour in which traffic is not normally heavy (so as to avoid congestion). They then will use radar guns and on-the-ground officers to look for people who violate traffic laws at stop lights or in slow traffic.

Similar traffic enforcement campaigns have been conducted on Wendover Avenue and Battleground Avenue this past year, and Sadler said officers continue to periodically conduct enforcement efforts on those roads. He said police will continue to periodically enforce High Point Road, as well, after the full enforcement campaign concludes.

Sadler affirmed roads under consideration for future traffic enforcement campaigns include Market Street and Friendly Avenue.

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