Kids In The Kitchen - Making Cheesy Eggs

Today nine-year-old Jaiden Dart from Joyner Elementary showed us her skills in the kitchen. She may be young, but already knows how to use a skillet. She showed us her recipe for cheesy eggs and they looked and tasted great.

If you want to try Jaiden's recipe here it is:

Jaiden's Cheesy Eggs
3-4 eggs
2- Slices of American Cheese
Salt & Pepper
Spices (maybe)
Frying pan
Spray butter
Cooking utensils


Prepare pan by coating with spray butter.
Heat stove to medium.
Crack the eggs in a medium to large bowl (depends on how many eggs preparing)
Beat the eggs until well mixed.
Add a dash or pepper and salt for flavor.
Beat the eggs again to mix in pepper and salt
Check that pan is heated.
Then slowly pour the eggs into the pan
Add the cheese (can fold in pieces or leave whole)
When eggs are firm around the edges (approx. 1 min); flip in half
Then turn over to other side
Continue to cook until brown on both sides.
Slide onto a plate and enjoy.
(You can add any extras that you may want to the eggs and be creative.)


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