Relationship Talk: Couples With Schedule Restrictions

Couples With Schedule Restrictions

Couples who are on different schedules may face some challenges. Let's say you work a day shift and your significant other works nights. Things can't be easy.

Marriage family therapist Jill White-Huffman came on the Good Morning Show to discuss this topic. She said couples can keep their relationship alive and healthy with schedule restrictions by:

1.    Accept this reality and schedule time to talk face-to-face about serious matters such as finances, household issues, etc.
2.    Text pictures and/or call sharing, love notes, updates and etc. to one another throughout the day.
3.    Remember to check in emotionally with one another by using affirmations when you are both together. Such as: "I love you" "Thank you" You look nice" and more.
4.    Avoid subjects that could create negative conversations.
5.    Respect your partner's sleep needs—and your own to prevent negative cycles when making decisions and resolving conflict.
6.    Plan fun date time as a couple and family time during your days off.
7.    Plan social time individually and together with extended family members and friends.

Jill said possible negative effects of shift work include:

1.    It is difficult to establish healthy communication patterns and plan family activities.
2.    The partner who works odd hours may feel frustrated and guilty leaving because of their work schedule. By the same token the other partner may feel overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed due to a greater sense of responsibility with household chores and caring for children.
3.    The partner who feels isolated may engage in unhealthy conversations with third parties.


Healthy Tips for Couples from Jill White-Huffman
Licensed Professional Counselor & Marriage Family Therapist
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