Saving Your Relationship: Tips From Jill White-Huffman

You probably couldn't take your eyes or hands off your spouse when you became newly-weds. But, fast forward, after the honeymoon, and a lot of couples find thing change.

And many times it's not for the better.

If this change is negatively affecting your union, Marriage Counselor Jill White-Huffman has some tips.
Reasons Why Relationships Don't Work
1. Poor boundaries.
2. Selfishness.
3. Lack of emotional intimacy
4. Leading separate lives
5. Lack of communication
6. Destructive habits and addictions
7. Dishonesty, laziness and other character defects.

Tips For Making Relationships Work

1. Build love maps
2. Share fondness and admiration
3. Turn towards
4. The positive perspective
5. Manage conflict
6. Make life dreams come true
7. Create shared meaning


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