Staying Stylish "Under The Dome"

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- When you're trapped "Under The Dome" nothing is coming in and nothing is coming out. Everything is limited - food, water, electricity... but not clothes!

Jackie Fernandez visited Chester's Mill aka the set of "Under The Dome" to find out how the stars stay so fashionable.

"We have the greatest wardrobe team ever so they've kind of done her up this season which is awesome" said Mackenzie Lintz who plays Norrie. That wardrobe team is led by Robbie McKeithan. He says he knows each character and knows what to look for to represent them.

Another character getting a style upgrade is "Barbie" played by Mike Vogel. This season he is wearing jeans by designer Rag and Bone instead of the Wranglers he was sporting last season. "I miss the Wranglers, but we went into something that fits a little bit better this time. Barbie somehow found a way to find new jeans at a store front somewhere, I guess."

One of McKeithan's biggest jobs is making sure the actors appear in the same scene wearing the same outfit. The loss of continuity is his biggest nightmare. He says they take photos on the first day of a new episode or scene so they have references. Now, when it comes to the actors keeping the clothes, McKeithan says they don't.


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