Summer 2014 Travel: Where is Most Safe & Affordable?

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Despite hurricane season, Greensboro travel agency A Way to Go Travel said travel bookings this summer have not slowed down, and people are often finding out-of-the-country vacations less expensive than local trips.

"I think the economy has definitely turned back around. People decided to spend money and are going to places they've never been before. Instead of local beaches, they're going out of the country," explained A Way to Go president Chuck Joyce.

The out-of-country destinations Joyce said are popular are in the Caribbean and Central America. He said Turks and Caicos, Mexico, Jamaica and Aruba are well-liked and highly traveled locations.

Hurricane season began in June, peaks in September and ends in November. For families concerned about hurricanes, Joyce recommended the island of Aruba because it is outside of the hurricane belt. Regardless of location, Joyce recommended purchasing travel insurance in this time of year.

Joyce also said now is the time to book holiday trips, before prices increase later in the summer. He said families also might want to consider going to an all-inclusive vacation, as opposed to one closer to home.

"When you go to an all-inclusive, almost everything's included. You already know what you've spent before you get there. But when you go somewhere locally, say Myrtle each, there's a lot of unknown and hidden costs that you don't know. So you can kind of balance yourself out and know what your budget is, and when it's all said and done, it's almost cheaper to do an all-inclusive," Joyce said.

Mexico is a hub for all-inclusive resorts, but Joyce said prospective travelers express fear about traveling to the county due to its longstanding drug cartel violence. He said he receives questions at least once a week about Mexico's safety and believes it is a topic that needs to be addressed.

"The drug cartel [problem] has been going on for years. Its just more known about now. So there's more awareness of it than there was 15 or 10 years ago, but it's been going on. we've had absolutely on issues with any clients going to Mexico. I just got back with my daughter, and I would never go to Mexico if it wasn't safe," he said.

Joyce said now is a good time to purchase cruises, as some popular cruise lines are offering deals.


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