Tips To Prevent Kids Summer Weight Gain

UNDATED -- Summer. The kids are out of school, they spend the day outside riding bikes, heading to the pool, getting dirty, right? Well, not all kids.

In fact, the CDC says 1 in 3 kids is obese, and a new report they released says during the summer months, some kids are more likely to pack on the pounds! So Dr. Keith Ayoob with Albert Einstein College of Medicine shared some tips with CBS News to help prevent that summer weight gain.

1) Parents should clean up the child's home "eating environment." This means getting rid of junk food and replacing it with alternative, healthy snacks such as fruit and yogurt.

2) Parents should make sure their kids are eating three meals a day. Meals should be on a consistent schedule and not many snacks. If you stick to a schedule, they won't expect to have access to food all the time.

3) Limit screen time. Instead of cutting it out altogether, Dr. Ayoob suggests parents limit their children to two hours per day in front of a computer, television or with a handheld tablet or video game device.

4) Use technology to encourage kids to become more active. For example, parents could explore the website Kidnetic with their kids. The site offers several fun recipes and suggestions for more active games and fitness challenges to play with friends. Or invest in an activity tracker -- like a FitBit or LeapBand for a challenge.

5) Don't force your kids to participate in a particular sport or outdoor activity. Instead it's best to ask them what they want to do and find the activity they enjoy most, whether it's swimming or biking or simply going for a family walk after dinner.


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