Vanity Fair's Groundbreaking Cover & Clay Aiken No Longer Invisible

This week's "Hollywood Headlines" starts with news that shocked Hollywood. The sudden death of Oscar winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. He died of an apparent heroin overdose on Sunday. He was found with a syringe is his arm, and 50 bags of heroin in his apartment. He had a history of substance abuse and spoke openly about his struggle. Police looked into where Hoffman bought the drugs, and because of that, they were able to seize more than 300 bags of heroin and arrest four people. A private funeral is being held today.

Vanity Fair is being praised for its most recent "Hollywood Issue" because it features six African-American actors. These actors are meant to represent the top tier of Hollywood talent. Prior to this, their cover featured, at the most three people of color.

Clay Aiken is going from "American Idol" to Congress. He is running a seat to represent North Carolina's Second Congressional District. If he wins the Democratic primary, he'll run against Republican Representative Renee Elmers. She says, "as we know, he doesn't always fare that well. He was runner-up." If Aiken does win the primary, this would be an election to watch, for sure!

The Red Hot Chili Peppers brought the idea of "air guitar" to a whole new level. If you watched the half time show during Sunday's big game, you might have noticed, none of the instruments were plugged in! Flea says the band had no choice, it's the NFL's policy not to allow musicians to play live. He says they agreed to these conditions because the opportunity to play at the Super Bowl was too good to pass up.


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