Weigh 2 Go: Finding And Keeping Motivation

Motivation is a key part when it comes to losing weight. But often times we spend a good part of our journey trying to find and keep that secret ingredient that will keeps us on track. However that search can take weeks or months to find.

I have found through my own journey that motivation dips at certain times. I've also discovered if you wait patiently enough it always circles back around. That's when you refuel, recharge, and get back on track.

I'm constantly on the search to find things that motivate me; after all I'm trying to lose 100 lbs. As part of my search to find motivation it also means making some changes at home. That includes my d├ęcor. As you already know I have placed a mirror on my pantry door and a locker mirror on my refrigerator. This allows me to second guess my food choices and take a look in the mirror at the daily changes I'm making.

But still I find myself looking to make more changes at home to find and keep my motivation. I recently put up a wipeboard on the wall of my kitchen. This is where I'm now writing out my goals for the week, month. It's also where I place viewer emails, weight watcher tips and handouts, my before weight gain picture, quotes, and other tidbits.

I'm starting a new leg of my journey and I want to be equipped with the tools I need to stay on track, focused, and lose this weight. I know I can and we can lose this weight for life. Thank you always for your comments and tips - it always motivates me!


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