Weigh 2 Go: Finding The Strength Not To Give Up

Greensboro, NC -- Losing weight is a daily battle from planning your meals to controlling negative thoughts.

There are so many unexpected obstacles and situations you'll run into over the course of your journey to your goal weight. That's why it's so important to be on your guard and recognize these "certain situations" that could derail your weight loss efforts or worse make you give up, if you let it.

Recently, I went on a camping trip to Deep Creek in Bryson City, NC. Little did I know this camping trip would teach me some of life's valuable lessons that can also be applied to weight loss.

I am what you could call an "air conditioning" kind of girl. I keep the temperature at my house on 65 and my poor husband stays cold under lots of blankets. I also find mosquitoes my least favorite insect. They always seem to hunt me down even if I've sprayed bug spray! I can't help but love the warm feeling of a hot shower. I knew going into the camping trip I wouldn't have air conditioning or a shower and of course, mosquitoes would find me irresistible. I knew what to expect but I couldn't anticipate something that could have sent my weight loss efforts into stall mode.

That hiccup all came down to a yellow tube. On these family camping trips, we tube down a river and it's so much fun. This year, I wanted to go down the river in a pretty pink tube but couldn't after finding out my only option was a yellow tube. The yellow tubes were reserved for people over 200 lbs. Wow, let that marinate for a while. Yes, the yellow tube was for people over 200 l-b-s. Immediately I thought to myself, "How in the world does this yellow tube know I'm fat?" But then lots of other thoughts soon followed until I found myself surrounded by feelings of isolation yet, again caused by my weight.

My feelings turned to anger, frustration, sadness, and then I let it all out on my husband. It was to the point all I wanted to do was turn around go home and put myself to bed for the rest of the weekend. But then I had another thought, "I'm not letting this ruin my weight loss journey." So I straightened up gave myself about 30 minutes to work through all those emotions and then decided I was going to go down that river with my head up. In fact, I knew I would see lots of other yellow tubes on the river so I decided I would give them a thumbs up along the way.

I failed to give up and for that I can be proud because the "old Carrie" would have threw in the towel. But this story down the river isn't over yet. I got in my tube and set out on my journey. It took a different kind of turn as fun and excitement turned into one scary moment. My family exited the river where our camp site was however, my tube was on the other side of the river which meant I couldn't get out so I kept going. I later got caught in a swift current that flipped me out of my tube into the cold water. My tube also flipped over my head and I could barely stand. I got to a rock and tried to get back in but the same thing happened about five more times. I was growing tired by trying to hold onto my flip-flops and my huge yellow tube. I also got swept away a few times by the current and hit more than a few rocks. I have the cuts and bruises to prove it.

That's where I bonded with the river. I knew it was up to me to find my way out and I finally did. However I also had to climb my way over a river bank where these was no path! I later found myself at the entrance to the park and started to make my way back to the camp site. During my bonding time with the river all I could think was this, "When the going gets tough are you going to give up? Are you going to give up if it gets this hard when it comes to losing weight?"

My answer was simple "no."

That's the major lesson I walked away from my camping trip with: That no matter what happens on my weight loss journey, I'm in 100% and nothing will stop me. Not even a yellow tube or a strong river current.

The yellow tube wasn't the only thing I talked about while appearing on the WFMY News 2 Good Morning Show on Tuesday. I also spoke about a hike with my family to a waterfall that left me breathless within a matter of minutes. I recognize this is one area that needs some major improvement. That is why April Hartsook, a personal trainer joined me on the Good Morning Show. She is high energy and a major motivator. I couldn't believe that I got into my gym clothes and worked out on TV but then again I would have never thought I would be doing any of this. So far I'm 10 lbs. down and one step closer to reaching my goal of losing 100 lbs. Only 90 more pounds to go.

You can follow my journey on Facebook at Carrie-Hodgin just "like" the page to get updates. I also want to hear about your own journey and struggles so make sure you share it with me! You can also follow me on Twitter @Weigh2GoCarrie

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