Woman Running Across America Makes Triad Stops

HIGH POINT, N.C. -- A woman making a 3,200-mile trek across America by foot will run through the Triad Tuesday, as she completes one more leg of her cross-country charity mission to New York City.

Anna Judd, who began her trek from Venice Pier in Venice, C.A. March 22, will run more than 20 miles from High Point to Greensboro starting at sunrise Tuesday. According to her charity partner Charity Miles, she will make stops in Greensboro, Browns Summit and Ruffin, N.C. before running to Virginia.

Judd's mission in her run across America is to provide funding for nationally-renowned veterans organizations, including the Wounded Warrior Project and Team Red, White and Blue.

On her website, Anna Runs America, Judd explains, "I recognize the great nobility in the sacrifices veterans have made, and I am inspired by their courage. When I speak with veterans and members of the military across the country, there is so much to love. And more than that, they deserve to be heard, and they need our help," she said.

Along her route, Judd makes periodic stops to further her cause. During these stops, she visits VA Hospitals and works on her Face America Project, with which she uses her artistic talents to meet with and capture the stories of veterans in the cities to which she runs.

Charity Miles is the free, public app by which Judd is tracking her miles. It generates $.25 per every mile run to Judd's designated charities of choice. Additionally, Judd is sponsored by 13 companies--including Nike.

Judd will stop in Greensboro Tuesday afternoon before heading to Browns Summit and Sutherland, N.C. She then will run to Halifax, Chase City and Richmond, V.A. where she will stay for a full week. She will continue to Fredericksburg, Alexandria, Washington, D.C, Baltimore, Westchester, P.A. She will snake through cities in New Jersey and end in New York City.

Charity Miles said Judd's objective is to end her run in celebration at Times Square Friday, Aug. 22.

According to Google Maps, an average trip from Venice, C.A. to New York City, N.Y. is a 40- to 42-hour drive. It takes approximately 914 hours to 922 hours, without factoring in lack of pedestrian walkways.

Judd's friend Robot accompanies her on her cross-country trip. In certain cities, local runners will run with Judd during certain legs of the journey.

In the Triad Tuesday, Judd will fun from Wilson House Bed and Breakfast in High Point, starting at 6 a.m., to Spring Valley Park for a lunch break at approximately noon. She then will continue her run to Off N Running in Greensboro and arrive by approximately 3 p.m. At 6 p.m, she will run six miles from Off N Running to Lake Townsend, accompanied by a group of local runners. She will drive back to Greensboro, where she will have dinner at 8 p.m. at Harper's Restaurant.

Watch WFMY News 2's Good Morning Show Tuesday as WFMY News 2's Meghann Mollerus (Twitter: @meghannmollerus) talks with Judd live before her run to Greensboro. The Good Morning Show will follow Judd on her route and provide live updates.


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