Gov. McCrory Criticized For Duke Energy Stock

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Governor Pat McCrory says a "misreading" of a form led to his failure to disclose on a state form that he owned stock in Duke Energy, stock that he then sold after a huge coal ash leak from a Duke plant into the Dan River in February.

"I completed the selling of all my energy, both Spector and Duke before I submitted that report," the governor told reporters.

He said early news reports on the sale of the stock had been "misleading" and had "given a false impression" that he did something wrong regarding the filing of his Statement of Economic Interest.

Filings in April and again in May do not indicate the governor had any stock in Duke Energy.

In February came the huge coal ash spill at Duke's plant in Eden that went into the Dan River.

Sometime after that spill, McCrory's office now confirms, the Governor was still holding Duke stock but then sold it.

A supplemental form was filed just this week acknowledging McCrory was in fact holding Duke stock at the end of last year.

The governor says it was a misunderstanding by his legal team that misinterpreted the disclosure dates.

"I'm sorry my legal counsel misread it and I thought we were following the instructions because if you read 5-a of the form it says the current and on a previous page it says go back to December, whatever the date was, but again, we are being even more transparent," McCrory said.

Outside Duke Energy's Uptown Charlotte headquarters today about a dozen demonstrators staged a peaceful protest.

The demonstrators were dressed in diapers and urged the state legislature to stop acting like babies and force Duke to clean up the Dan River spill and take steps to make sure the same thing doesn't happen at other coal fired plants across the state.


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