Greensboro Neighbors Looking For Stolen American Flags

Greensboro Neighbors Looking For Stolen American Flags

GREENSBORO, NC -- Neighbors are complaining someone stole stuff off of their porch, including an American flag. 

Officers with the Greensboro Police Department tell WFMY News 2 that on Thursday and Friday of last week, two people reported missing flags on Rolling Road.

One of those flags stolen was from former Community Watch leader Douglas Thurbon. He said that neighbors have reported missing an American flag, Australian flag, and a pair of shoes. Also, an Ohio State flag was snapped in half and thrown into a yard and couches have ended up in yards. 

Douglas Thurborn is not someone who takes an American flag stolen from him lightly, 

“Well as a veteran I kinda took a little more personal offense to it. Means a lot more to me than maybe the average person”. 

Police said they think the suspect is the man in this picture.

Thurbon also explained his frustrations about what the flag means to him, “People fought and died for your right to speak and you are wasting your energy stealing stuff". 

Overall, Thuron wants to know why. “What were you getting out of that, why were you doing it. That’s what I want to know and turn yourself. Someone is going to see your picture and know you, there is enough people out there that were going to find you so might as well just turn yourself in.”

If you have any information, please call Greensboro Police at 336-574-3573

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