Guns In America: A Discussion About Gun Control

Greensboro, NC -- It is an emotional issue.

But despite the emotions, our president wants gun control and he wants it now.

What does gun control look like?

Does it even work?

We asked a member of the NRA to discuss these questions with a gun control proponent.

WFMY News2's Frank Mickens moderated the discussion.

NRA member Dick Jones made the point that the previous assault weapons ban ended and for ten years, violent crime dropped. He argues there is no correlation between gun control and the crime rate.

He says the calls for gun control are a knee-jerk reaction to the shootings in Newtown, CT.

He says the shooter's mother was "irresponsible" for failing to secure her weapons from her mentally ill son.

Richard Simmons says he wants stricter background checks on all weapons. He says he's not interested in banning all guns. But he wants to make it illegal to buy weapons that "don't make sense."

Simmons is concerned about weapons with high ammunition capacity. He believes if such guns were not available, mass shootings like Newtown will not be possible.

To see the discussion, click on the video.


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