How A Different Outcome Of D-Day Could Have Changed Things

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- D-Day is just one day away. As everyone remembers and honors all of our veterans who fought in World War II and D-Day, it's important to remember how pivotal D-Day was to American history.

Soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy to take on the Nazis.

David Crowe, a history professor at Elon University, said if it wasn't for D-Day, the Soviets would have minimally pushed all the way into Germany, Austria, much of central Europe, and the edge of Western Europe.

"The alternative would have been either Hitler and Stalin could have rejoined an alliance," Crowe said. "Theoretically we could have had a Soviet dominated Europe or Soviet German dominated Europe."

However, Crowe doesn't believe the United States would be any different.

"We were baring almost the sole role in the Pacific," Crowe said. "That's where our interest would have turned."

Crowe also said it's remarkable what the soldiers achieved.

"This was an army of citizen soldiers fighting probably the best war machine in Europe at the time," Crowe said.


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