How To Talk To Your Child About Sexting

The recent State Bureau of Investigation in 9 North Carolina counties is raising come questions and concerns.

According to, teenagers are sexting because of peer pressure and competition.

So just what can people do to protect their teenagers from sexting? suggests:

  • Talk through the consequences of sending and storing pictures.
  • Make sure the child understands that once the image is sent, it can't be taken back.
  • Encourage an open discussion with the child about who they're talking to online and what sites they visit.
  • Encourage the child to talk to an adult about any problems or concerns they may have.

The website also has tips of what to look out for:

  • Sudden reluctance to be with friends
  • Disinterest or avoidance of school
  • Dropping out of activities and sports
  • Sleeping more or less
  • Abnormal nail biting or hair pulling
  • Abnormal changes in mood and behavior


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