How Will HB2 Impact The November Election?

Will HB2 Impact Election?

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- More fallout because of House Bill 2. Thursday, Governor Pat McCrory finally spoke after the NCAA and ACC pulled championship events from North Carolina.

The governor was in Charlotte and said HB2 was about determining the definition of gender. 

"Is it based upon your anatomy? Or is it based upon what you think you are?" McCrory asked. 

"If it's based upon what you think you are, it changes restroom, locker room and shower policies  throughout the United States, not just North Carolina," McCrory said. "It changes my prison policy. The governor of North Carolina runs the prisons Jim. I'm going to have prisoners who are going to say you know what, I'm a girl now. I want to be transferred to what the law might say."

He added that they usually deal with those incidents on a case by case basis.

Thom Little, Political Science Professor at UNCG told WFMY News 2 the ACC and NCAA leaving NC could hurt McCrory's chance at getting re-elected. 

"The people that were opposed to HB2 will still be oppose it," Little said. "The ones that supported it will continue to support it. It's the independents that say now you are messing with college basketball -- that's the holy grail."

We asked Little what McCrory and Attorney General Roy Cooper need to do to win the race. He said McCrory needs to focus on the economy and jobs. Cooper needs to focus on House Bill 2 and the North Carolina come back. 


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