Ice Smashes Car With Children Inside

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A chunk of ice that's roughly the size of a volleyball fell from Charlotte's tallest building, smashing through the back window of a car with children inside, according to a witness.

NBC Charlotte originally posted this article with pictures from Jamison Woodfin, who works on the other side of North Tryon Street, across from the Bank of America Corporate Center uptown.

He heard a car alarm going off under his window around 9:40 Friday morning, walked to the window, saw the back window of the car below smashed out, took a picture andtweeted it.

Woodfin says there were two people in the car at the time, but it appears nobody was hurt. Police pulled an infant car seat out from the back seat.

After seeing this story, the owner contacted us saying she was in her car with her children, waiting for her fiancé to come out of the building.

Susan says, "I heard a loud noise and a car alarm went off. I turned around. I looked at my daughters, 8 years old, and my son, 3 months old, and all I saw was the big hole. I got scared and panicked."

She says customers in the nearby Starbucks were all shocked and security guards came out to check on everyone. Susan and her children escaped without a scratch.

"I am thankful my kids were untouched," she says. "The ice missed my daughter's head and baby. We are thankful."

There's more ice coming down. "There's continually been golf ball-sized chunks falling from the building," Woofdin says.

Woodfin says his car is parked in an open lot four blocks away, safely out of reach from any other tall buildings that might be shedding ice.


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