Kevin Harvick Looking To Rezone, Neighbors Concerned

OAK RIDGE, NC-- Neighbors that surround 133 acres owned by Kevin Harvick are concerned after Harvick and a developer submitted zoning requests.

NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick has a lot of fans but some of his neighbors are not fans of his idea.

He and a developer submitted an application to take the 133 acres where he built his house and get the okay to build dozens more homes.

Right now, Kevin Harvick's mansion sits on fifty acres of land. Just adjacent, is another 83 acres of trees and fields.

Just recently, Harvick and a developer applied to rezone all of this land. In 50 of the 133 acres, Harvick and a developer applied for RS-40, which requires a minimum lot size of 40,000 square feet. In the other 83 acres, they're applying for PDR, a "planned development with residential" with a minimum lot size of 20,000 square feet.

It's the PDR rezone request that some neighbors are concerned about.

"We don't mind neighbors but we just want it to be developed the way we were told it was going to be developed which is one acre lots, low density," said Dawn Treacy, a neighbor who lives down the street from Harvick's property.

Dawn and Ed Treacy are worried about traffic. The new proposal would extend a road through the new neighborhood and connect it to another road. Neighbors said it will cut through the their private walking trail and make for a busier and less safe street. Plus, neighbors worry about the stress new homes could put on the town's water source and overcrowding in schools. They question whether this is a slippery slope. Could a shopping center be next?

Oak Ridge Town Manager, Bruce Oakley said the zoning requests adhere to town plans.

Oakley said, "There will be no commercial development in the zoning that's proposed. If they do want to do commercial, they have to come back and do the property again."

So what exactly are Harvick's plans?

"I have no idea what Kevin's planning, where he's going or if he's staying here. He has any right to develop his land or to propose to develop his land as anyone else does," said Oakley.

The zoning hearing is Thursday at 7 p.m. at Oak Ridge Town Hall. Many neighbors will be there to voice concerns. The planning board will make recommendations to town council.

Council will vote on the zoning requests at the meeting on May 8th.


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