Kids Want To Know: Why Do People Call Our Planet Mother Earth?

Greensboro, N.C. -- Technically, Tuesday was Earth Day. However, every day should be Earth Day for us to celebrate the planet we call home. There's always something new to learn about earth, like that it's rotation is slowing.

It's at a rate of about 17 milliseconds per hundred years. Therefore, in about 140 million years, we could have 25 hour days!

But, this week on Kids Want To Know, Jordan wanted to know why people call our planet Mother Earth.

Earth is the only planet whose English name doesn't derive from Greek or Roman mythology.

"We call the Earth, Mother Earth because Mothers are naturally nurturers," Wendi Harup with Forsyth County Cooperative Extension said. "Because Earth is providing all this wonderful nature of food and safety for us, that's really why we relate it to mothers and call it Mother Earth."

"Everything in nature kind of cycles and moves together whether we are here or not," Harup said. "Everything we do has some sort of reaction, positive or negative."

Celebrate Mother Earth at the Piedmont Earth Day fair this Saturday at the Winston-Salem fairgrounds.

It goes from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M.

There will be organic food from local restaurants and food trucks, there are interactive kids activities from sci-works, free pony rides, hands on environmental demonstrations and live music.


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