Local Teen Beats Cancer Twice, Hits Half-Court Buzzer Beater

KERNERSVILLE, N.C. -- With two seconds left and down by a point, Bishop McGuinness needed a miracle. When Mount Airy missed a chance to go up by two, Junior Spencer Wilson figured he'd give it a shot - a half-court shot. To Spencer's and everyone else's surprise, it went in.

"Right when the ball went in, I just thought it was a dream," said Wilson. "I was like, this can't be real."

Watch buzzer-beater that won the game

The moment was a bright spot in a young man's life who could certainly use it. He spent the last five years battling cancer, twice.

"Doctors said you have a 7% chance to beat this," said Wilson. "That was the toughest news I've ever heard."

But he beat it, with the support of Josh Rominger, another boy also fending off cancer. "He meant a whole lot to me," said Wilson.

Sadly, Josh died last year, Tuesday would've been his 19th birthday. "With his story I could sort of relate to everything he went through so he really touched me," said Wilson.

So when Spencer's coach told the team they would dedicate a game to someone who inspired them, Spencer didn't think twice. Each player wrote the name of their inspiration on a basketball. Spencer wrote Josh Rominger.

"We would all put our hands on the ball before we broke the huddle just as a constant reminder that we were playing that game for something bigger than ourselves," said Head Coach Josh Thompson.

So when Spencer made that last second shot, it was an honor to all the names on that ball. "I don't know that the Lord cares about who wins a basketball game but I know he cares about his people and I believe the Lord has Spencer here for a reason," said Thompson.

Inspiration may be that reason. "One of my favorite quotes is 'dedicate yourself to today because tomorrow is never promised,'" said Wilson.

The team's story was so inspirational, Steve Hartman with CBS News visited Bishop McGuinness this week.

You can see his story as part of his "On the Road" series Friday night on the CBS Evening News.


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