More Than $1 Billion For Presidential Campaign Ads

For the past five months, more than$1 billion have been spent on more than one million ads for a total of10 states: the battleground states. If you tried to watch all of these commercials at one time, you would be starring at your television for nearly a year straight.

One million ads is a monumental leap from the past two presidential elections.

There was only a 1.9% increase in presidential ads from the 2004 elections to the 2008 elections. This small increase resulted in a total of 730,041 ads from June through October. However, from the 2008 elections to the current presidential elections, there has been a staggering 39.1% increase. The most up to date ad count is 1,015,615 for this election.

Of course, as the number of ads increases, so does the spending. The Barack Obama Campaign and the Democratic National Committee have spent $306,817,890 on ads. That is more than double what the Romney Campaign and the Republication National Committee have paid. Their total rests at $144,989,630 as of October 27. And these totals do not include the money spent by supporting organizations of either candidate.

As far as fundraising is concerned, the Obama Campaign raised nearly twice as much as the Romney Campaign. Obama's fundraising totals at $632,177,423 as of October 31 and Romney's are $389,088,268.


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