NASCAR Fans Enjoy Life On 'Redneck Hill'

CONCORD, N.C.-- The Coca-Cola 600 has the five senses covered, especially if you're taking in the race from Turn One, or as the "regulars" affectionately call it, Redneck Hill.

"Our first date was at this race this track 15 years ago this week," said Misty Karrikar, "We come here this week to celebrate every year. This is our vacation-- every year and we love it."

The 'vacation villas' range from a $20 kid's tent to elaborate set-ups that include woodwork, scaffolding and more than a few discarded couches.

"We'll start when we leave here Monday morning. We'll start planning for next year- we always try to top ourselves," explained Don Slater, who has been coming here with fellow Marine veterans for ten years. Their set-up even includes a stage, with microphones, guitars and a drum set for late night music making.

"When the drivers go by, you can see their faces and hand movements. [Our scaffolding] rumbles under your feet.. but we love it. We love it," said Misty Karrikar.

While they're definitely roughing it over in Turn One compared to fans in motor homes across the track, for the fans camped out on Redneck Hill that doesn't kill the vibe or the romance.


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