NC A&T Students React to False Reports of Gunman

GREENSBORO, N.C. – North Carolina A&T State University says it evacuated multiple buildings Monday morning after receiving reports of a man on campus with a rifle.

Police have checked the campus and said it is safe.

The school sent an alert to students around 10:30 a.m. that said the police department "has received a call stating there is an unknown Hispanic male in the General Classroom Bldg carrying a rifle."

The following buildings were evacuated: General Classroom Building, Marteena, Crosby, Barnes and Merrick halls. The school advised students to "shelter in place", but they did not lock down the entire school.

Middle College and STEM Early College, both on A&T's campus, were on lockdown during the search for the reported gunman.

After a false alarm last year, many students weren't sure what to do. "Last year the same thing happened and the man had an umbrella - not a gun - so I thought it maybe just a stick or something," said one student.

"Some people thought it was like a hoax," added another student. "People thought somebody was just playing because it was the end of the semester. Not so many people took it serious, but I did because you never know."

Others took it more seriously. "We were scared, a lot of us were," said one student. "What's going to happen now? Where are the cops? Are they going to be able to get to the union because there were windows around."

This threat has many questioning the overall security of the campus. "I feel like I'm safe but I just look around at the security and I think if something did happen, who would protect me?" said a concerned student.

"No place is safe no more," said another student. "And A&T is an open campus so not too safe."


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