8 Month Wait On Mirror Replacement Reflects On Mover's Service

GREENSBORO, NC -- We've all been there. We have a problem with a company but get so frustrated, we decide the hassle wasn't worth trying to collect. One of your neighbors had a problem with a moving company. Lechelle Yates and Call for Action found a solution.

"I mean I know my dresser is nothing fancy but I got it from my brother-in-law, and it's a king size bedroom set, " say LaTasha Yancey. It may not be fancy but LaTasha says it was all in one piece until Discount Movers got a hold of it. "I can still hear the shatter."

LaTasha Yancey hired Discount Movers in July 2013. "Two guys grab the top piece. And the mirror just slid right out the bottom."

LaTasha says the movers wrote the mirror dimensions right on the contract and said they'd replace it. But a month later, LaTasha texted for updates on her mirror to no reply. "Once the cell phone number stopped working I went back to the office phone but either the voice mailbox is full or I would leave a voicemail and there was no answer."

Finally in January - six months later -LaTasha reached out the Call for Action. Two Wants to Know was able to get the owner of Discount Movers on the phone. At first the owner blamed the delay on his supplier. Then he'd promise to deliver it and never show up. Finally he did replace it - he claims the mirror was already damaged so he says it wasn't a priority for him.

"The fire damage is only on the corner end so it's nowhere near the mirror. The mirror has never been damaged at all until he broke it," says LaTasha.

LaTasha could have replaced it herself for $50 - but she says she never considered it. She believes the 8 month delay reflects poor customer service. "If you promised somebody service and if you do something wrong in delivering that service, I think you should correct it."

It is moving season. So here's a couple of key points to think about:

  • Check the company's reputation. In this case, discount mover's has an A rating with the BBB, but has complaints on other online rating sites.
  • Look at how the company handles damage....when it is covered and when it is not.
  • And make sure get all the terms in writing like LaTasha did. Having those measurements in writing proved Discount Movers said it would replace the mirror.


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