Documentation Helps Call for Action Solve Some Tax Trouble

GREENSBORO, NC -- Many people hire experts to help them fill out their returns. They're the experts - right? We had a WFMY employee come to us for help with some tax trouble. This is the first time in the year we've been on the air we've helped anyone here at the station. We made her follow the same procedure you would. Fill out the same forms. Submit the same paperwork. And that paperwork helped us recover her money.

Lynette Gilchrist works behind the scenes of the Good Morning Show. She's used to being the one in the know. But when it came to filing her taxes, she needed help.

Lynette moved here from Maryland in October 2012, so she had to file in both states. She paid Liberty Taxes in Greensboro $151 to do her taxes. "I paid them to get things correct."

But something about the numbers didn't seem right. Liberty Taxes had her owing $723 to North Carolina. "I had only been in North Carolina for about three months so I knew that wasn't correct."

So she went back to Liberty Taxes. Turns out Liberty Taxes did get it wrong. So she had to file an amended return. Liberty Taxes has a "satisfaction guarantee" which promises a refund of preparation fees. "I thought they would have no problem giving me a refund, being that they are the ones who incorrectly filed my taxes."

Lynette says she called over and over for the next four months, but she says she only got one return phone call - which didn't lead to a refund.

Lynette all had the paperwork Call for Action needed to work her case - and really any case. She had:

  • her receipt-- showing she went to Liberty Taxes
  • her assessment
  • Liberty Taxes Satisfaction guarantee
  • a detailed timeline of who she visited with and dates.

It gave us a strong case to call the company and ask for her money back.

A Liberty Taxes spokesperson says their records show Lynette only called twice. They say she only said she was unhappy. The spokesperson said they're glad to refund the preparation fee.


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