Kids Want To Know: When Were LEGOs Created?

GREENSBORO, NC -- There are few toys that span generations and both girls and boys find fun.

I can think of a few.The Slinky. It dates back to 1945.

This time of year, Silly Putty is a favorite cause it comes in that egg shape. It was invented in 1943. Today's Kids Want To Know question has another toy in mind.

"Hi, my name is Aden and when did LEGOs start?"

The LEGO Company was started in the 1930's in Denmark. At first, the company made wood toys. But the first LEGO brick made out of plastic was made in 1949. We tracked down a LEGO artist to show us how the bricks can be made into more than what is on the box.

Nathan Sawaya is a New York bases artist whose creations are all LEGOs. His creations are called Art of The Brick. The show was here in Alamance County last year.

"Well LEGOs you can create anything out of LEGO bricks. I have made a whole career out of creating artwork using just this childhood toy. I was an attorney practicing corporate law in New York City and I would come home at night and need some sort of creative outlet. One day I thought what about sculpting out of LEGO bricks could I use this childhood toy to create large scale sculptures."

Nathan says there's really no limit to it and thinks that what so appealing about it, is everyone can play with them adults, kids there is no limit. But make no mistake, you are learning something! "There's some math components that come out of immediately, engineering that sort of things, but you also learn things like color, shapes and just putting things together really helps the cognitive mind develop. One of the hardest things that I have ever made was a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, it measures over 20 feet long and it took me an entire summer to build."

Nathan believes LEGO is an art form and says there really is a LEGO art movement happening now.

"Well I think adults should realize that when you build with LEGO bricks they're not just for the kids, it can be for the whole family and I do hear from families all the time that go and see my art exhibition and they come home and start creating as a family. They all start building that that's what really important, is being inspired to create and have fun with it."

Nathan started 'The Art of the Brick" and shares sneak peeks on twitter: @artofthebrick and instagram: nathanawaya


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