Kids Want To Know: Why Does Earth Revolve Around Sun

GREENSBORO, NC -- Chances are, with three snow days and lots of time together in the house, you've gotten a lot of questions from the kids..

How do you know every snowflake is different? Does February snow taste better than December snow? How does snow form? Meteorologist Grant Gilmore has answered several Kids Want To Know snow questions. Today's question-- is science related-- and out of this world. Ahmad asked, "Why does the earth rotate the sun."

Turns out, the answer is an Academy Award nominated movie! Yes, Gravity. Well, at least it's a starting point. Greensboro Science Center Omnisphere Curator Roger Joyner gave us our answer.

"Why does the earth revolve around the sun? Well it all has to do with gravity. Gravity is the weakest of all the forces, but it's actually the most controlling because it's everywhere and it has no limit to how far it can reach. Now, let's take an example let's let this little ball represent the earth and this string is sort of acting like gravity. If the earth didn't revolve around the sun it would simply fall into the sun. Not a good idea! Also, if it weren't for gravity, as the earth does go around the sun, my hand as being the sun, if there were no gravity, it would simply fly off into space. So if it weren't for gravity one of two things would happen to the earth. Either it would fall into the sun by being pulled into the sun's gravity, or it would simply go flying into space never to return. So it all has to do with the gravity that holds you on the ground."


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