Which Came First? The Chicken Or The Egg?

Today's Kids Want to Know Question: "Hi, my name is Jordan and my question is which comes first the chicken or the egg."

People have been asking the question forever. Really. Aristotle pondered the answer in 300 BC. We went to the North Carolina Cooperative Extension office and found poultry expert Dan Campeau. He said there could be two answers.


Campeau said, "If you believe in evolution, then basically what you're saying is dinosaurs came first. [...] So basically if they came from dinosaurs, dinosaurs laid eggs first, so the chicken would have come after the egg."


He continued to say, "Creationist theory is basically people who believe word for word that the Bible says that God created every animal on earth and he would have created the bird."


Campeau also shared some facts about chickens you may not know.

  • They can actually lay different color eggs depending on their ear lobe color.
  • If they have a white ear lobe color they actually lay white eggs
  • If they have a red ear lobe they actually produce brown eggs.
  • There's an American bird or chicken that can actually lay blue eggs, like blue robing eggs

  • If you're paying more for eggs that are brown versus white, there's no difference in their nutritional value
  • If you want a healthier egg, look for eggs that are range raised or pasture raised.


"With research they are showing if you can actually keep your flock of chickens grassing of grass a little bit as part of their diet it actually changes the fatty acids in eggs and actually makes it healthier for you to eat."

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