Poll: Love Waning For Gov. McCrory, GOP In NC Gov't

North Carolina-- Data from a recently release polls shows that people in North Carolinians are unhappy with many of the actions the Republican controlled state government.

The cabinet raises the Governor granted during first week in office didn't go over well with those surveyed.

The break down of the Public Policy Poll:
-- Only 11% of voters support the pay raises Pat McCrory gave to his cabinet, to 82% of voters opposed to them. Even Republicans oppose them by a 75/14 margin.
-- Only 39% of voters support cutting benefits for unemployed workers to $350 a week, while 50% are opposed to that change. And just 41% favor reducing the time period during which workers can receive benefits by six weeks to 48% who are opposed. Independents are opposed to the actions the legislature has taken on both counts.
-- 32% of voters disagree with the comments McCrory recently made about higher education in the state to 26% who agree. In the Triangle, where voters were much more familiar with his statements, 44% of voters disagree with McCrory to 30% who agree.

As a result of all this McCrory's honeymoon is wearing off a little bit.Democrats were initially willing to give him a chance- in January his approval with them broke even at 26%. But after his first month in office his disapproval with them has nearly doubled to 51%.

While McCrory remains decently popular, voters give the Republican controlled state government as a whole a 40% approval rating, with 49% of voters disapproving.

The overall numbersfor state government are probably due to the unpopularity of legislative Republicans. PPP said only 33% of voters have a favorable opinion of them and 49 percent have negative one.

Click onPublic Policy Polling to read all the results including how North Carolinians feel about President Obama, guns and gay marriage.


Governor McCrory Gives Cabinet Members Raises


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