Squeaky, squeaky wheels really do get the grease

GREENSBORO, NC --Persistence really does pay! As frustrating as it might be, sometimes you really have to work at getting a company to do the right thing....and when you've done all you can and they still don't pay? You get in touch with Call for Action - and we'll start squeaking with you.

CW Meyers removed some trees. One accidentally crashed into the viewer's fence and antique cast iron garden pot. CW Myers paid for the fence but not the pot. The viewer wanted a replacement like one of these on eBay for $150.

So the viewer contacted the Better Business Bureau. Over the next six months, the BBB made continuous contact with CW Myers - who promised to replace the pot - never did.

The viewer didn't give up. He contacted us. And within a week, the viewer had a check to buy a new pot.

A spokesperson for CW Myers apologized for not getting the money to the viewer sooner. The company thought it could find a pot for less than $150 bucks but never could so it finally sent him the check. Ahhh...silence...the wheel got greased

Wine and Dine at a discount, it was a livingsocial deal a 2WTK viewer couldn't pass up.But come December 7, the event was cancelled.

The viewer says she emailed the event planner Wine, Dine, Sale & Auctions – 24 times! But the event wasn't rescheduled and the viewer had no refund. She tried getting her money back from livingsocial. They said to try Wine and Dine one more time. So she did. Again, no refund. So she went back to livingsocial. This time they credited her account.

But our viewer really wanted a refund. And that's when Call for Action got involved. Eight day later, livingsocial refunded her $40. Ahhh...silence...the wheel got greased

Again....the silence of a greased wheel....We tried repeatedly to talk with event organizer Wayne Merry -- but he hasn't gotten back to us.

Moral of the story: Both of these consumers stayed after their money. They had their paperwork and a trail of who they talked to and when and they got it to us quickly when we asked for it.


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